Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, the oldest industrial unit in the Islamic Republic of Iran, was established in the years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and has been operational since the beginning of 1993.

This company produces flat steel products from 18% to 16 mm thick in the form of coils, hot and cold rolled sheets, and coated products include various types of tin-plated, galvanized and colored sheets.

Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, in order to achieve the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in achieving self-sufficiency and liberation from economic dependence, has implemented its development plans to reach a capacity of 11.8 million tons per year.

Development projects have been implemented in various workshops of Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, some of which have been launched and some of which are undergoing additional stages.

Coated products that were considered from the beginning of the production plan in Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, include colored galvanized and tin-plated sheets, which are used in various industries by using effective and economical methods to protect the corrosion of the sheet. For example, galvanized sheet is widely used in the automotive, automotive, home and construction, and metal industries.

Production of colored sheets as one of the effective and economical methods while increasing the beauty of the sheet improves the working life of galvanized sheet by at least 1.5 times. Also, tin-plated sheet, due to the important properties of food preservation and other products, has many applications that due to its excellent formability and non-fragility in transportation, often in the food packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint industries. And varnishes and with a small percentage are used in the manufacture of other products such as oil filters, diesel, transport machinery, industry, toys, batteries and ….

Metil Steel Company

History of the company


Date of establishment 2 October 1991 (15 Rabi al-Awal 1412 /  24 September 1991)

Metil Steel Company is a subsidiary of Mobarakeh Steel. After the operation of Mobarakeh Steel Complex and in the framework of global models, the establishment of service centers  was on the agenda of that company and this important, in the form of a parent company, called Metil Steel Company in Tehran was implemented and On the second of October 1991, this valuable seedling with registration number 85760 came to life and during the last thirty years, with the formation of fourteen subsidiary companies, it became a large tree.

Company activities

Metil steels are summarized in several main areas based on the provisions of the Articles of Association

  1. Carrying out all production, industrial, commercial, technical and service activities in the field of steel industry and metal and steel products with a supportive view of factories and small mines in the country and with the aim of supplying the country’s steel raw materials

B Establishment of steel service centers, partnership with legal entities and individuals, investment in companies and purchase of their shares with the approach of distributing Mobarakeh steel products based on the instructions issued by the Ministry of Industry,Mine and trade

Obtaining representation and granting representation to them, granting credit facilities to legal entities, dependents, subsidiaries and customers.

Implementing import , export , buying , selling and all authorized commercial and financial activities and providing consulting services.                  E mail